How can I check my District Email?

Effective May 8th, 2017 SMASD will no longer be using Microsoft Exchange for our District Email.

The Tech Department will not be shutting down the old email platform until after the 2018 school year begins, meaning you will still be able to access Outlook to reference old emails, folders, calendar events, and contacts. The catch to this is that you will not be able to send or receive emails using this old platform.

Your existing account will be converted over to a account. All of your emails, documents, calendar events, etc. will stay in-tact.  

The new email service can be found at

Email addresses will be in the following convention: (i.e. If you have the same first initial and last name as another user, the second user will be (i.e.

If you have had a email address in the past that does not follow the above naming convention, the Tech Department will be creating a forward for that old address so you do not miss any emails someone may send you.

You will login with your existing email address. If you do not have your password, you should be expecting that information in an email from the Tech Department prior to the launch date above. If you have not received this information, plus get in touch with us via a ticket or by calling extension 5000.


The Tech Department will work as efficiently as possible to migrate your existing emails from our old platform to the new Google Suite.

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